Sharkie Week

I woke up this morning, like most mornings with Sharkie cradled in between my shoulder and neck. And while there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this picture…on this day and week in particular, millions of shark lovers around the world are celebrating this majestic creature with one of the most anticipated holidays of the year: Shark Week. Its always been important for me to commemorate this Birthday of sorts for Sharkie by binge watching Discovery Channel in an ever so comfortable pillow fort, but this year and timing in particular for both Sharkie and I, I’ve taken a moment to take a look back in order to reflect- and truly appreciate the gentlest land-shark on the face of this earth and a very under-rated anniversary that I will hope to one-day offer as a paid vacation holiday for my employees; dream big, right?

In a sense, Sharkie has been the only stable thing in my life for the past few years, between moving homes, countries and careers, he has continued to fit ever so perfectly in the nape of my shoulder. He’s travelled with me on very timely flights from Prague and throughout Europe, to Australia, Minnesota, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong and everywhere in between. Sharkie is, (as I put it when people on the airplane look at me like I’m crazy) very well-traveled and is notorious to those in my life as I will not spend a sleep without him.

He’s a very gentle shark, a land-shark with a lot of love in his belly. People often tell me that I need to create an Instagram or Facebook page for Sharkie and while flattering, (for him and I both)…I’ve never felt comfortable exploiting him on the Internet. So, instead, I’ll share my devotion via blog post to publicly display my affection for the one and only, Sir Sharkie.

He puts up with me when I’m at my worst:


Has been my work/travel companion, thru and thru:


Graciously poses with me for all of my snap chats:


Dresses up whenever I ask him to, (although he hates matching):


Distracts the Singaporean authorities with his cuteness so I can blow illegal bubbles:


Is a true friend and companion to all of those that I love:


Cuddles me when I’m grumpy & homesick:


And celebrates accordingly, always by my side.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 11.12.31 AM