Job hunting

Attempting to convey my background, qualifications and intentions in an original and honest cover letter has been an ongoing challenge…to say the least. How do you say, “I’m an ambitious, go-getter” without mimicking the hundreds of thousands of cover letters being sent out, all over the world, this very minute? And what is the best way to express your, “impeccable analytical and communication skills” without prompting a caffeine craving per hiring manager? I’ve read an abundance of articles over the past two weeks that outline the ideal cover letter; none of which mine, mildly reflects. The truth is…I don’t know exactly what I want to do. I know that I want to work in an inspiring and challenging environment that pushes me and that I can contribute to, immensely. But apart from that…I’m somewhat at a standstill.

On the bright side…I’ve successfully taught myself the basics of Adobe Creative Suite; Photoshop and InDesign during this down period and have been able to get plenty of “art hour’s” in, with my mom…gluing glitter and sequins on my resume to give myself a semi-distraction, while keeping my head in the game.

If anyone has any suggestions or can relate to the job search…please get in touch! In the mean time…here’s a picture that I photoshopped of Sharkie and I, swimming the Great Barrier Reef- and a photo of my sparkling CV.